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Davy Macdonald is a dramatic artist with a story to tell. Specialising in portraiture he has been exhibiting regular shows in Edinburgh and London since 2009. Over the years, he has researched and developed historic and cultural backgrounds for his “Heritage Series” paintings which tell a story from Scotland’s past.


In his new “Aspects of Edinburgh” series he gives a contemporary view of his historic home city; combining his interests in gothic architecture, street life and a merging of figurative and abstract ideas.


Abstract & Conceptual Works

For the last three years Davy has also been exhibiting his Abstract and Conceptual works alongside his figurative paintings.

Recurring themes and patterns come from a variety of interests and influences; Botanical Elements – the interweaving of plant and flower structures; Space - where the vast network of stars and galaxies provide endless possibilities and Science - microscopic and quantum level correlations of elements, particles and atoms.

Often painting in multiple orientations, he uses ‘deliberate accidents’ to help guide the ultimate design of the painting. This was a recommended approach encouraged by Da Vinci and was used by cave painters 25,000 years ago as they followed the structure of the rocks they drew on. Executed instinctively, the colours, tones and mark-making are laid down following an unseen pattern until they become their own unique abstract creation.

The objective is to provide a framework for the viewer to project their own internal vision, creating an adventure for the imagination, at the macro level where one inch of a painting containing random brush strokes provides the building blocks of a personal story which in its turn is part of a bigger picture!

Chaos and Harmony, Ying and Yang, Calmness and Energy - a conduit to the ‘collective unconscious’.

- edinburgh

All images © Davy Macdonald.

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