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Painting Just Sold – Tues 20th December 2011

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Absinthe Diaries, After Hours

“After Hours” from my Absinthe Diaries Series has just been sold at the Ship on the Shore exhibition.

There are 6 paintings on show and for sale. Why not give yourself a Christmas treat with some outstanding seafood, champagne and original art direct from the artist.

Check the paintings out on the Exhibitions page:

The Ship On The Shore
24-26 Shore,
Edinburgh EH6 6QN

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On the Easel – Fri 9th December 2011

Friday, December 9th, 2011

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“Herring Lassies carrying crans” – Work in Progress, Oil on Canvas, 34 x 24 inches. This is the end of the 3rd passage. Will put in details and bring to completion in next stage.

Many of the herring girls were engaged on a forward basis by the same curer year after tear. At other times curers got in touch with a former reliable girl employee before the start of the fishing season and she was given discretion to
engage the necessary number of girls from among her friends and acquaintances demonstrating the confidence the curers placed in the fishing girls.

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On the Easel – Mon 5th December 2011

Monday, December 5th, 2011

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“Herring Lassies at the Harbour wall” – Work in Progress, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 36 inches. This is the end of the 2nd painting, will put aside to dry before focusing on details and color.

The last age group of girls from the Isle of Lewis that participated in the gutting and packing of herring as beginners or coilers as they were called, were those who were born in the early 1920s and, who like many generations before them, got their first job opportunity at the herring gutting after they left school at 14 years old, which was the school leaving age then.

Herring Lassie information is taken from documents from the Angus Mcleod Archive, a great resource for historical information of the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

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